“MEK”, as part of Mimsan Group of Companies, has been established for the sale and provide assembly, commissioning and after sale services of industry boilers and energy equipment designed & manufacture within the group.

Our goal is to answer steam boilers, thermal oil boilers and co- generation system needs of our industrial customers from one point. “MEK” builds complete boiler rooms all over Turkey and abroad by burning various types of fuel (dust lignite coal, cotton stems, sunflower husk, wood chips, poultry manure) and converts local fuels and waste to energy. “MEK” has taken a further step and established international technology cooperation to convert hazardous waste articles (PVC, tires & etc) to convert energy by means of gasification. Our first gasification project will be installed in Minnesota, USA and convert shredded tires to combustible gas.

“MEK” is the most experienced company in Turkey for the CFBC (circulating type fluidized bed combustion) and reciprocating grate boilers. “MEK” is very sensitive for environment, equips every dust coal and biomass burning boiler system with Electro Static Precipitator “ESP”, so that our flue gas comes out of stack is very clean. Our boiler systems work under negative pressure, fully PLC automated and provide healthy and clean environment for the workers. “MEK” continues to build successful applications of complete boiler rooms in our neighboring countries and CIS countries as well as in Turkey.


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2.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Havaalan? Yolu Üzeri 15.Km. 44225 Merkez - Malatya -  Türkiye
Phone : +90 (422) 244 01 44
Fax : +90 (422) 244 01 53


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